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The amenability of a racemic protein mixture to crystallize as racemic crystals was first demonstrated for the iron-binding protein, Rubredoxin (3).Since this seminal work, the racemic crystallization method has been applied to a number of challenging protein targets (2), highlighting the considerable utility of this technique to structural biology.Her grandfather, Francis Crick, is best known for his work elucidating the structure of DNA and her grandmother, Odile Crick, is the artist who first drew the iconic image of the double helix molecule.Kindra Crick said, "One strand of the double helix sculpture uses imagery from my grandad's letters and his many chalkboards.The second, Francis Crick, was a 37-year-old British physicist who, according to one of his scientific rivals, looked like "a bookmaker's rout." With booming voices and youthful bravado, the odd duo bragged that they, in the words of Francis Crick -- or at least in the memory of James Watson recalling the words of Francis Crick -- "We have discovered the secret of life." Indeed, they had.That very morning, the two men worked out the double helix structure of deoxyribonucleic acid, better known to every first-grader as DNA. That scientific feat was actually accomplished in 1869 by Friedrich Miescher, a physiological chemist working in Basel, Switzerland.We will also evidence how the structural modification of DNA, induced by damaged nucleobases or by sensitization, govern both the energy- and electron-transfer phenomena and the repair rate. This scientific challenge needs to combine efforts from cutting-edge spectroscopies and molecular modeling.

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Identification of products and key intermediates and of their main structural aspects- Modeling the chemical reaction pathways taking into account environment and dynamic effects.

Symmetry and connectivity constraints associated to a given space group allow a certain number of degrees of freedom for a macromolecule to pack intro a three dimensional network of connections.

Space groups that allow a greater number of degrees of freedom such as -DNA.

The complementary strand draws on abstracted cellular imagery I have been using in my artwork as a metaphor for infectious ideas.

Not only can people pass on their genetics, but also their ideas, which metaphorically spread and grow.For this purpose we chose a non-self-complementary DNA duplex containing the biologically-relevant Pribnow box consensus sequence ‘TATAAT’.